Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thailand part4: North - Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Rai

As I'm writing this post for 2nd time (first time it mysteriously disappeared when I was almost finished), I will be very brief.. North of Thailand is definitely my favorite part of this country and one of the nicest times of my journey. Very laid back atmosphere, nice people and beautiful landscapes. That's what it's all about...

View from the sleeping train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai shortly before arriving

This is the usual view you will get in North Thailand

We've done a 2 day jungle trek during which we hiked to see some nice waterfalls...

... slid down them...

...smoked banana cigars...

...and rode elephants.

Except jungle we visited some temples  (of course). This one was located on a hill overlooking Chiang Mai.

And another one. This time directly in the city.

Local kids in front of one of the temples. Of course they asked for money after posing for the picture.

Inside of one of the temples during a prayer

Happy Buddha statue

Last night in Chiang Mai we visited a Muay Thai fight night. I'm not the biggest fan of martial arts and I found the whole night quite boring, except the last fight where an English guy knocked out Thai fighter in the first round.

After Chiang Mai we continued further North towards Myanmar border to a little town called Pai. And I absolutely fell in love with this place.. Small, green, not crowded, very relaxed and friendly place. This shot is from the circus school place located on the hill above Pai.

Pai canyon

On the road from Pai to nearby caves

Inside the cave

And the inside-out view

Last stop before leaving Thailand - Chiang Rai and its biggest attraction - white temple.

So, after one month in Thailand we crossed the border to Laos on 30th September. After the first days here I really like this country - it kind of continues in the relaxed friendly way from North Thailand. 

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