Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday, Xmas and New Year summary

Long time no post.. I've already received few questions whether I'm OK because I didn't make any blog post for a long time.. So yes, I'm totally OK, I've just only been busy with the boring regular stuff like work and surf the past few weeks. So not much to write about.. But, of course there were some special occasions worth mentioning, so I will try to shortly summarize them in few pictures (I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures, all of them were done with my iPhone as I'm too lazy to carry my camera around)

My 27th birthday: crazy 2 day long party with awesome people and a big crazy surprise: I got a new surfboard! Btw. I was always envying people born in summer because of their bbq bday parties and now I can say that rightfully. It was amazing. Definitely one of the birthdays I will remember for the rest of my life (although some parts of it not properly ;))

Birthday beer trolley :)

Christmas! Definitely the most unusual Christmas ever... Our christmas tree decorated with flip-flops instead of candles and some beer presents from us to us :)

And one more present from me to me. The tattoo was done exactly on 24/12/2013 :)

And this is the result. So now I have a  nice memory for even nicer time spent in Mt Maunganui waves.

Our christmas dinner: fish&chips $6 deal packed in newspaper and cheapest shit beer. Yummy!

Missing snow :(

Hangover christmas golf winner! (I was able to hit the smallest window on our house that was even behind my back!) well done...

New Year's eve. Amazing party in backpackers and on beach party. I must say that I prefer Christmas on snow more  than on sand, but the NYE in summer was really magical. (The picture is actually from bday party of my french twin friends that happened few days before NYE, but it is more-or-less the same crowd as during NYE and I don't have any pictures from that night - I was probably busy with some other stuff ;))

To end this post I wish all people reading this a wonderful year full of fun, love, happiness and fulfilled dreams!

P.S. my next plans:
- This:

- And work, work, work so I can get back on roads because I'm already missing travelling as hell!