Friday, June 14, 2013


After 2 days of uncertainty, my waiting was over - my visa were approved! :) This fact caused a total turn-around in my attitude towards the whole NZ thing. Until that moment I just wished it would happen and did not think about any kind of details. From the time my visa were approved, I started to think about things like when to leave, where to travel, what to do there, how to approach my employer etc. Currently, I'm still in the middle of this pre-adventorous period and I must say that I'm enjoying every single thought and moment bound with it :)

The first step

April 17, 2013 was the day of opening of the quota for New Zealand Working Holiday visa for 2013/14. After unsuccessful Canada application (we missed the quota due to being on a skiing trip) we did not want to miss the ones for NZ this time. The quota opened on 17/4/2013, 10:00AM NZ time, which makes it 00:00 CET. So we waited until midnight and finally got to the application form. I've printed and studied the form before just to be sure to submit it as quickly as possible (I know it sounds pretty weird but at the end it turned out to be the crucial factor for getting the visa, as the 100 places for Slovakia were gone in less than 15 minutes from opening!). So I went to the well-known process and completed it within few minutes (with a great help from my friend Petra - Thanks!) and got to the success page. YEAH. However, Maros and Katka (two guys on the picture I'm instructing what to do with the form) who were applying as well, were a little bit slower (submitted approx. 5 mins after me) and did not manage to get among the 100 lucky :(. So the feeling after this long awaited moment was kind of bitter-sweet after all. Nevertheless, it seemed that I'm still IN (if I did not mess up anything in the application).