Monday, November 18, 2013

Life in Mt Maunganui: surfing and more

Although it is quite hard to believe (at least for me), it is already more than month since I arrived to Mount Maunganui. So it is a perfect time for a little look back...

Definitely the biggest part of the update will be on surfing (because that is pretty much all I have been doing here all the time ;)). As written already in the previous post, immediately after spending the first few minutes on the board I fell in love with surfing. And the best part is, that the feeling and excitement escalates with every step I move forward. By surfing I get the very special feeling why I also love backcountry skiing and alpine touring that much: and it is the fact that you just use the power of the nature (whether it is the waves or fresh snow) and a piece of a board to enjoy your ride... The important thing is the close connection with the nature - you won't get this feeling on a wake board lift on a lake or any beautifully prepared slope in a ski resort... 

I started practicing surfing by renting surfboards from the backpacker hostel that I'm staying in, but from the first moment I knew that it will be much more practical and cost efficient for me to buy my own equipment. I was able to find a good second hand board suitable to my skills and also good for further improvements and an affordable second hand wetsuit as well. So I'm really happy now that I can grab my board anytime (even 5:30am before going to work) and hit the waves. I even bought straps to attach the board(s) on the roof of my car, so I'm ready for surf trips as well :)

Running towards the waves. Mount Maunganui is perfect place to learn surfing - the waves are usually pretty small, but time to time there is a big swell with decent sized waves - although the waiting for this to happen might get a bit annoying ;)

Waiting for a wave with Dudi

Catching the wave - the waters might get really crowded in here - especially during the weekends and when the waves are not the best...

Riding the wave - I've probably caught better waves than this one already, but with no photographer present to create an evidence material ;)

Apart from surfing, I continued working in the kiwifruit orchards (more suitable is probably to write tried to continue, as we are struggling to get enough work from our employer in the last days) and enjoyed the already almost summer weather in this beautiful place surrounded by amazing people I met here.

Few more random pictures from the last days in Mount:

Sunsets and sunrises in Mount are magical

Sunday 'Fishing' session - one rod with no line, one got stuck in seeweed :))

Party time! :)

*note: few of the pictures in this post were borrowed from my brazilian fella Dudi - cheers bro!